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Testimonials from Parents

My two boys have attended Moe's camp for years, both as campers and as counselors. This camp is unrivaled in it's level of fun, camaraderie, great sportsmanship and kindness. The counselors go above and beyond to create an environment that is safe and fun for every single child. Each day is packed full of exciting activities and high level sports, field trips and surprise guest athletes. My sons have made close friends, been inspired to be great athletes and learned how to be kind and considerate people from Moe's. They love it so much because it is the best camp in LA!



We have had our boys participitatie in Moe's Camp from the very first year it started. Our kids look forward to summer just so they can attend Moe's camp!   Moe has a very special connection with kids. He is able to teach them sports and make sure that they are having an amazing time all in a jewish atmosphere. Kindness, midot tovot and jewish values are always emphasized.  I feel my kids are in good hands and safe with Moe and his staff. He has always had the best counselors work for him who are extremely responsible and competent. My family and I feel blessed to know Moe and be able to participitate in his camp!




Moe's Camp is more than just a sports camp. Not only do the boys get valuable lessons on how to play the different sports properly, but they learn from example how to be gentlemen. Sportsmanship and being a mensch are stressed as the most important things and the staff embodies the values well. Moe's Camp is the highlight of my kid's summer. 

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